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Discover the best grooming treatments for essential man maintenance at Kyasha.
Male grooming at Kyasha Salon Widnes UK

Smooth away hair and the years

Male Grooming Treatments Widnes. Real men know that feeling smooth and being well groomed always makes the right impression.

Kyasha Salon is committed to making male grooming a fuss-free, pleasurable experience, from hair styling, waxing and aesthetic treatments to make you look and feel your best. Our expert team will advise on the best male grooming treatments to complement your hair and skin type.

Treatment Prices

Back Wax £15.00

Under Arm £9.00

Chest Wax £15.00

Back & Shoulders £20.00

Chest & Shoulders £20.00

Full Torso Wax £30.00
Treatment includes: Chest, Back and Shoulders Waxing.

Manicure £15.00
Treatment includes: file, soak, cuticle work, buff and application of nail strengthener.

Pedicure £18.00

Treatment FAQ

Most people find the hair will start to regrow within 7-10 days following treatment. Everyone’s hair grows at different rates, we normally advise to book your next treatment between 4-6 weeks. Regular treatments stop the root becoming more established and stronger, so waxing will become less painful.

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